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‘Control of weeds and moss. Improve the quality of your lawn. Beautiful lawns need special care and a year round professional treatment service. We can provide all you need.’

Why choose horticulture lawns?

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme is five treatments throughout the year to give consistent nutrition essential for your lawns to achieve their potential. We provide a bespoke treatment plan which is both proactive but also reactive to the changes in our weather patterns and environment.

Mowing regularly at the correct height is an important factor to pruning and cultivating grass and a long with the right nutrients will turn your lawn into a lush green carpet.

Applying over the counter products often doesn’t work or is short on longevity. It can also lead to over or under application rates which can lead to a lawn care nightmare.

Using slow-release state of the art products as well as products only available to qualified professionals, we can ensure our lawn care service is the best program for your lawn.

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Before & After

Our specialist lawn treatment can have your lawn looking in tip top condition in no time. Take a look at some of the results we’ve had for our customers.

before lawn treatment
After lawn treatment

What does bespoke lawn care look like?

Professionally applied products at the right time.

No requirement for inferior DIY store products

Leave the graft to the experts so no more lawn raking, scarifying or aeration. Leave that to us to create perfect growing conditions for your lawn and saving you the hard labour and all the time consumed.

No need for expensive DIY products that are hard to apply correctly and fail to live up to expectations.

Great results and more time to enjoy your beautiful lawn

Spring Starter Fertiliser Root Drench.

Moss Control Application with soil improver 

Late Spring

Low Nitrogen granular feed
Weed Control Application


Drought-Safe Summer Fertiliser
Spot Weed Control


Autumn Granular Fertiliser
Early Moss Control. Weed control when needed


Liquid Turf Hardener to toughen grass up and encourage root growth.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

We have a fully dedicated professional team

Our lawn care specialists are all trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of lawn care. We pride ourselves on providing a consultative service and the right advice that will ensure your lawn is looking healthy, green and weed free.

We have over 20 years of experience with guarantee

We have over 20 years of experience working on lawns across West Cheshire. During that time we have helped hundred of customers achieve the best lawns in the region.

We have the latest tools & technology for our work

We stay ahead of the curve to ensure our technology and equipment is always the best in market. So you know that we're working beyond the industry standards.

Free consultation for you before starting work

We believe in being consultative in our approach. We'll come out, assess your lawn's needs and provide a personalised plan of how we'll improve it. No pushy sales, just honest advice.

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Professional Lawn Care

We are passionate about lawncare so picture your lawn transformed into a beautiful healthy green carpet perfect for every occasion and an asset to be proud of.

With our unswerving energy, enthusiasm and experience we will develop your lawn whatever size or condition at affordable prices.

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Professional Lawn Care

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