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Finding the Perfect Moment: The Best Time to Kickstart Lawn Care with the First Mow in the UK

Embarking on the journey to a lush, vibrant lawn in the UK involves strategic planning and thoughtful care. One crucial aspect often overlooked is determining the optimal time for the first mow of the season. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the factors influencing the best time for that inaugural trim and how it sets the stage for a season of healthy grass growth.

When to first mow your lawn after winter

Soil Temperature Matters:

Monitor soil temperature to gauge when your grass is ready for that first cut. Ideally, soil temperatures should be consistently above 8-10°C for optimal grass growth. This ensures that the grass has emerged from winter dormancy and can recover well after being cut.

Avoiding Frosty Surprises:

While spring brings warmth, frost can still be a concern in the early mornings. It’s crucial to avoid mowing when the grass is damp or frosty. Mowing under such conditions can damage the grass blades and impede healthy growth.

Height Matters:

Set your lawnmower to a higher cutting height for the first mow of the season. This prevents stressing the grass and allows it to recover more effectively. Aim to remove no more than one-third of the grass height in a single mow.

Say No to Scalping:

Avoid the temptation to scalp your lawn on the first mow. Scalping, or cutting the grass too short, can expose the soil to sunlight, promoting weed growth and hindering the development of a lush, green carpet.

Frequency of Mowing:

As spring progresses, adjust your mowing frequency. In the early stages, mowing every two weeks may suffice. However, as the growing season peaks in late spring and early summer, you may need to mow more frequently to maintain an optimal grass height.

Consider Weather Conditions:

Keep an eye on the weather forecast before scheduling your first mow. Ideally, choose a day when the soil is dry, and rain isn’t imminent. Mowing on a dry lawn prevents clumping and ensures a more even cut.

Post-Mow Care:

After that first trim, consider fertilizing your lawn to provide the necessary nutrients for robust growth. Also, inspect the mower blades to ensure they are sharp, promoting clean cuts that are less stressful for the grass.


Timing is everything when it comes to lawn care, and the first mow of the season sets the stage for a verdant and healthy lawn throughout the year. By aligning your mowing schedule with the awakening of spring, monitoring soil temperatures, and practicing good mowing habits, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a lush, vibrant lawn in the United Kingdom. Happy mowing!

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