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What does bespoke lawn care look like?

Professionally applied products at the right time.

No requirement for inferior DIY store products

Leave the graft to the experts so no more lawn raking, scarifying or aeration. Leave that to us to create perfect growing conditions for your lawn and saving you the hard labour and all the time consumed.

No need for expensive DIY products that are hard to apply correctly and fail to live up to expectations.

Great results and more time to enjoy your beautiful lawn

Spring Starter Fertiliser Root Drench.

Moss Control Application with soil improver 

Late Spring

Low Nitrogen granular feed
Weed Control Application

Spring Starter Fertiliser Root Drench.

Drought-Safe Summer Fertiliser
Spot Weed Control


Autumn Granular Fertiliser
Early Moss Control. Weed control when needed


Liquid Turf Hardener to toughen grass up and encourage root growth.


Residential Lawn Care with professional services

Scarification & Aeration

All grass lawns produce a layer of dead material called thatch, which builds up becoming matted and preventing the grass from regeneration. 

Scarification should be carried out periodically to remove this layer of thatch, although sometimes it is necessary to scarify more frequently if this layer has been left to build up for a long time or your lawn grows particularly fast.

LAwn fertilisation

Fertilisation is the process that provides a lawn with the supplements and nutrients it needs. We recommend 4 to 6 treatments, depending on the health of your lawn.

We use Professional Granular or liquid feeds to provide your lawn with the correct nutrient balance at exactly the right time, keeping it in tiptop healthy condition all year round. (These products are not available in DIY or gardening stores.)


A professional mower can make all the difference to how your lawn looks and how healthy it is. Our mowing equipment and expert team will ensure your lawn is looking at its best throughout the season. 

We know the length and type of cut your lawn requires at every time of the year. 

Weed & moss control

In order to have a perfect lawn, weeds need to be removed before they start to increase and gradually crowd the grass out. Once the lawn has been restored back to its thick and healthy state, the weed invasion will naturally start to minimize over time, always assisted by controlled selective herbicide applications.

If your lawn is suffering from the toughest and most troublesome of weed varieties, don’t worry. We are fully qualified and licensed to use the best, professional herbicides to remove these unsightly plants.

Dry patch and Lawn disease

It’s difficult to believe that this condition could be a problem in this country, but the truth is without proper lawn irrigation during long dry periods, the grass becomes parched and can become dormant, dry up and in severe cases die off.

When rain falls again, initially the water just runs off, as the soil has become hydrophobic (similar to when a hanging basket is watered after going a day or two with no water). To retain moisture we use a surfactant wetting agent that attracts water to the root zone instead of running off. This will save up to 50% of the water requirement and keep your lawn healthy throughout drought conditions.


We can supply and fit Ornamental, Hardwearing, Shade-tolerant or any other type of grass that you require, so you are left with a lawn to be proud of.

We will remove your old lawn ensuring that the sub soil is levelled and consistent with the contours, adding more top soil to ensure the best surface is achieved. The sub surface can then be fed with a high phosphorous feed to encourage root uptake.

The new turf will then be carefully fitted and rolled so it has good contact with the sub soil and to keep the levels true. 

Pest Control

Lawn pests can be devastating to turf, so it is important to act appropriately as soon as possible. Once the pest has been identified, suitable action can be taken to eliminate and prevent the pest from returning.

The treatment for the pests is a pesticide, which we are qualified and licensed to provide and apply.

The remedial action can then take place, whether that’s overseeding the affected areas or lawn replacement if needed or desired.

Ants, moles and casting worms pose no real threat to the grass, but they do ruin the aesthetics of the lawn and need to be dealt with accordingly if they get out of hand.

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